Something Wicked this Way Comes


Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. There’s something magical about pumpkins, dressing up and eating a ton of candy!

image3I felt like everything was so off this Halloween. Bismarck has an adorable pumpkin patch in town, but by the time I went for a visit they were all sold out! So I spent a fair amount of time in Walmart trying to choose the perfect pumpkin!


There is nothing better than opening my mailbox and finding letters that aren’t bills! My wonderful friend Emily sent me the CUTEST Halloween card this week, from the company Resonant Paperworks. It’s always nice to send letters and postcards to friends!


As for a last minute costume, I continued my five year trend of dressing up as Holly Golightlyfrom Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

image1The costume is so simple. Black dress? Check. Pearls? Check. Tiara? Check. The basics to any twenty somethings wardrobe, right? Halloween night was a blast, but now about to dig into a giant bag of Halloween candy that I bought for myself!

xoxo Mary Cate


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