Feeling a bit Like Fall




 When I moved to North Dakota just a year ago, the state was experiencing a blistering heat wave, as I remember overheating as I moved all of my things into my new space. However this past Summer has been a bit of a bust weather wise. There were only a few scorching hot days, and as I was typically out working in the heat instead of relaxing by the river, I think I’m ready for fall.

I’ve learned that a Midwest fall is quite different from my New England ones, as the weeks of the season are so short. And to be honest, once the cold weather comes I’m going to want to knit myself an infinity scarf cocoon and hibernate. Until then, I’ll content myself with starting fresh, cleaning my closest as I pack away my crop tops and shorts, and enjoy the ‘pumpkin spice’ everything that comes with season.



xo Mary Cate



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