Spring Snapshots

Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush.- Doug Larson

photo 1

A North Dakota spring is an interesting thing. It can be warm and sunny one day, and gray and blustery the next. What helps to get me through the crazy weather and work days are wonderful friends and great adventures. This week I had so much fun trying a new spot downtown. Humpback Sally’s has small plates which is perfect when you want to try a little bit of everything!

photo 3They also had this drink called a Smith and Curran, or Smith and Kearn, which is a North Dakota drink that tastes just like an adult version of chocolate milk! The cute straws helped make this drink one of my favorites!photo 2I was also lucky enough to have to have my best friend by my side these past few days! I love it when the boyfriend can come and visit. photo 4The days went too fast as always and here I am starting a new week. But that’s the beauty of spring, blossoming each morning to face the tasks and triumphs of the day.

xoxo Mary Cate


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