What To Wear as a News Anchor And TV Reporter


This time last year, I had a pretty standard formula for picking out an outfit. I would start with black tights, retro pumps, a skater dress and of course a big beehive and bow.


Today I can’t really get away with wearing a lot of my everyday clothes to my TV job, but in the short time I’ve worked as a reporter and news anchor I’ve learned a lot about how to dress professionally, while maintaining elements of my personal style. Here are some tips for those of you who are curious what goes into a typical news anchor outfit!

Don’t Be afraid of Color


When I look in my closet, I easily have 10 little black dresses, which are wonderful but when working in a visual medium it’s always good to find colors that pop! Yet as I am very pale I typically have to pay attention to what washes me out, and what will bring out color in my face.

Stock up on Jackets


Blazers have always been a staple for the working journalist, yet you can still have fun with the jacket you choose.

Bring on the Bling


I know that jewelry can be polarizing. Some stations frown upon large necklaces, while others don’t mind as long as they aren’t distracting. I personally am a bit obsessed with statement necklaces, and how they pair with a solid colored dress!

Dress for Success


As much as I love dressing up as much as the next girlie girl, sometimes life a as a reporter is not too glamorous. From live shots in the snow, or rain, it’s always good to be prepared with nasty weather gear, that will keep you comfortable and professionally dressed.

Be a Bag lady


Now packing a bag when going in the field can require different items depending on the season and a variety of other factors but these are just some of the essentials I always have on hand.

I hope this post gives a bit of insight into building a television wardrobe! These tips could really translate to any working woman who enjoys dressing up everyday. If you have any questions about my job, these tips or any thoughts at all please feel free to comment below!

xo Mary Cate 


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