First Fall Snapshots

46959_1966378159304_796845933_n“Autumn: The year’s last, loveliest smile.”

-William Cullen Bryant

This week I felt it. Well I probably shouldn’t use such a proud term as ‘it’, however so many things started to fall into place for me (see that, I made a punny!) This week during one of my rise before the sun mornings, I felt that crisp fall air coming through my bedroom window.  Aside from the feeling of the season switch, things are truly settling into place. While I work strange hours, and run on about 4 cups of coffee a day, I am constantly trying to better and challenge myself.


This week I fell into a routine at work, but  the rush I get from anchoring each night does not seem to be fading! I also had a fun ‘color mood’ moment with Marisa, when we both showed up to work feeling a hot pink, white and black color palette!

photoThis weekend, my friends and I stopped by Buckstop Junction for Apple Fest! Marisa shares my thoughts that September is apple month, and October is pumpkin month (although I have already had several PSLs….shhhhhhhh).


We had such a fun time at Apple Fest, and took advantage of almost every activity, from pie eating, to hay rides, and contemplating buying baby bunnies at the petting zoo we didn’t miss a thing! Although sadly we did not buy any bunnies.


I also decided to break out what I’m sure will be my standard Midwestern Fall ensemble of black pants, leather boots, and a nice cozy sweater.

549579_1971257401282_1576678458_nAll in all, it was another fun week out in North Dakota! I will be posting my September Wish List and my professional wardrobe essentials later this week, so stay tuned.

xoxo Mary Cate

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