My First Month in the Midwest


So it’s official, I am now a month long resident of a midwestern state! I can hardly believe that last sentence, but the last few weeks have truly flown by.


This week is my third week anchoring and reporting, and it still feels like a dream! I had the opportunity to speak with a local bee keeper and overcome my fear…of bees, (which North Dakota seems to be a haven for!) It was a bit scary standing near the bee hives, but it was such a great experience. If you’d like to see that story you can find it here. (You can also view my story with miniature horses here.)


This weekend I also experienced my first powwow! It was such a treat to see the dancing, costumes and learn more about the Native American culture here in North Dakota.

 7883_1959833195684_1346964951_nA great friend Smokey the bear was at powwow so of course we had to snap a photo!


I also got to try my hand at baking this weekend, and while it is currently a comfortable 85 in Bismarck I have been craving pumpkin everything! While I’m holding off on a Pumpkin Spice Latte, these little cakes hit the spot and went perfectly with my new candle!


All in all, if this month is any indication of the year to come, I know it will fly by. So for now, I am saying yes to every learning opportunity both personally and professionally, loving my new friends and planning big projects for my apartment. So keep doing, dreaming and living.

xoxo Mary Cate


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