Things are nice in North Dakota


Just typing out the headline to this post is so wild. I’ve always considered myself to be such a New England girl, but here I am loving the Midwest! So far I have had such a fun time exploring my new surroundings, wearing my cowboy boots, and getting used to the life of a working journalist.


One of my favorite things about Bismarck is the amount of cute thrift shops and antique stores. It’s been great to do one of my favorite hobbies while setting up my new apartment! While I didn’t thrift this mug, (I bought it at the Hallmark Store) this is my newest mug in my growing collection, and it’s been a perfect choice for my morning coffee before heading off to work!


This past week was my first week at my job, and I have to say I get these butterflies in my stomach on my way to the station everyday. It’s such a blessing to be able to do what I love, with such a great group of people that I can’t wait to see what the upcoming year will hold for me.


Before leaving home my Mom reminded me that while it can be overwhelming change is such an opportunity to grow. She reminded me of my elementary school days, when  at the beginning of every school year the first few days would always throw me into a frenzy. I had a new teacher? A new locker? New kids in my class? That was too much change for my six year old self to handle. It makes me wonder what I would think of myself now, after so many changes in just the past three weeks.  After sending out dozens of applications I got my dream job, packed up my life, moved out of my Boston apartment, and have started to set up a new life in North Dakota!


But the biggest change, at least I think it is, is that for the first time in 22 years my bangs have taken a shift to the side! I feel like I look a bit more mature but get to keep my fun retro style too. I’ll be sure to post a tour of my apartment this week, and hope everyone is staying cool in this crazy North Dakota heat!

xoxo Mary Cate


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