Tips for Moving Across the Country


After moving into 3 different apartments over my college years, I can say that I am not the biggest fan of moving.  I think this has something to do with the fact that I love to save, and hold on to a variety of things that I maybe should have let go a long time ago. Now whether I like it or not, in the past week I have needed to get used to the idea of packing up and moving out quickly. As such I’ve started a moving system and would love to share some of the tips that I have already learned, and ones that have been kindly shared to me by moving veterans!

  1. Research and decide your method of moving. First I would suggest making a budget, if you haven’t already. For me this was one of the more challenging tasks, but I promise knowing how tight your budget is allows you to make the best decisions when moving! Next, find out what sort of moving option works best with your budget. Will you be driving a car? Flying? Do you want to ship all or most of your items? These are all options to consider, and things to research when you’re starting to plan your move.
  2. Consolidate and sort. I have a lot of things. Many different kinds of things, from clothes, to dishes to knick knacks that I’ve collected over my college years and unfortunately it won’t all fit in my car. In an effort to make things easier for myself, I have collected everything and I mean everything and started to make three pile. One for saving, one to donate, one to sell and one to toss. This process can seem easy, but there will be times when you’ll be tempted to save something that will take up space and not be beneficial in your new living space. Sometimes you need to make room for new memories, by getting rid of the non essentials.
  3. Pack in Bags. I love my plastic bins, but their square and unyielding shape does not allow for cramming another bucket into your back seat. Instead opt for bags, whether they be the space saving kind, laundry bags or yes, even trash bags can hold a great amount of things while squishing into that small space in your trunk.
  4. Label. The key to making sure that you leave nothing behind (that you didn’t want to leave behind), is to label each of your bags with a number. Then use either a GoogleDoc, Excel spreadsheet or just a Word document, to list what is inside bag No. 1. This way when you arrive at your destination and are just looking for the bag with your PJ’s and toothbrush, you’ll be able to find them right away.
  5. Remember to breath. I keep having to remind myself to take deep breaths this week, as moving is often times stressful and slightly frightening. I keep reminding myself that this is similar to how I felt moving off to my first college apartment, and that I have survived the last three years. Once the bags and boxes are unpacked, you can begin to settle and start putting down roots in your new space!

Have you ever moved a great distance? Have any tips that I missed? Post them below! xoxo Mary Cate


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