Tips for a Retro Beach Look

The summer season is full in swing, and especially in Boston it has been a scorching week and I am quite ready for a beach getaway! When packing for the beach it can be tricky on what to pack in order to feel your best, so here is my packing list for a retro beach look!

1. Swimsuit


I adore retro inspired swimwear and have been loving my Modcloth two piece high waisted bikini for the last two summers!

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2. Shades


This summer is the first time that I have splurged on prescription sunglasses, but when I head to the beach I stick with a cheap pair of shades (in case they get lost, or scratched by sand).

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3. Cover Up

When heading to the beach I usually throw on one of my more casual light dresses, such as my sailor dress to cover up my bathing suit.

4. Retro Inspired Up-Do

x-1Click here for the tutorials on these hair dos

When it comes to beach hair, I sadly can not rock the adorable beachy waves. Instead I tend to opt for a beehive or a chignon to sweep the hair off of my neck and keep it together when things get breezy. If that’s too much work for you, it’s always good to throw an elastic and a few bobby pins in your beach bag! (Above are some of my favorite retro beach hair dos)

5. Here are some of my other must haves when I pack my beach bag….what are some of yours? Let me know!

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*Mary Cate*


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