Trendy Tuesday: Spring Nail Polish

xAh, Spring. Here in Boston it has been quite a winter, and I’m ready to ditch my rain and snow boots for some cute flats and bright colors! Yet one way to get into a season without having to change your clothes is through nail polish! Here are some of the biggest nail polish trends to have for Spring 2013.


Essie-Miss Fancy Pants Nubar0-Simplicity Meets Elegance NARS-Disco Inferno

There is something so simple that I love about gray nailpolish! It’s not too dark, but a bit edgier than a flesh toned polish. I especially love the Essie color here (and the name of the polish of course!)



These polishes are a bit of a shake up from a boring mani. They were inspired by the fragile outside of a birds egg, which I find to be so unique and creative!


Topshop- O.P.I- Essie

It wouldn’t be spring without pastels! These pretty pale shades will bring a bit of delicacy to any winter outfit!



Lastly, the latest trend (which has always been a bit of a staple), is nude or natural colored polish. I’ve been waiting to try something new and simple for spring and I think this might be it! (Plus I just love the bow on the third bottle :))

Do you have a go to nail color for spring? What do you think of these trends? Let me know in a comment below!

*Sparkle On and Wear Bows*


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