Trendy Tuesday: Cute and Cozy Looks


It’s getting to be that wonderful time of the year, midterms, nasty weather and all you want to do is wear your sweats! (I mean did the bunny slippers fool you?) Well luckily there are many ways to dress cute and comfy, whether it’s for an internship, a coffee date or just studying in the library!

Outfit Number One

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This first look works one of my favorite comfy staple, jeggings. Now I can feel the eye rolls, I know, jeggings are not the most respected fashion piece. However, these adorable baroque patterned leggings from ASOS, are just so dressy and so comfortable! To keep the look dressed up, add a knit sweater, collar necklace and black ankle booties!

Outfit Number Two

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I just have to start off by saying I love this sweater! Yet sometimes it’s not about the clothes, but rather the shoes! I love my Minnetonka  moccasins, and these ones are too cute with a bit of bling! To pair with the moccs add a slouchy sweater, dark jeans, a vintage bag and cat eye shades.

Outfit Number Three

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This last look shows how to keep comfy in a dress! Starting with a knit cotton dress, add an infinity scarf, polka dot tights and lace up riding boots! I think this look would be perfect with this hair do by Keiko Lynn (I can’t wait to grow my hair out and try this style!)

Do you have any go to comfy essentials? What did you think of this post? Leave a comment below!

*Sparkle On and Wear Bows*


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