DIY: Kitchen Decor


The kitchen is always an important room in any apartment! Our apartment has seen it’s fair share of DIY projects, and

over the past few weeks I’ve been having fun with a can of gold and silver spray paint! Read on to see some of my easy DIY projects!

Gold and White Bottles with Christmas Lights


While it is no longer Christmas, I just love the look of Christmas lights! After spray painting old wine bottles with gold and white spray paint (sneakily on my fire escape) I laced some white Christmas lights that look so fun at night!2

This easy DIY is a fun way to do something with old glass bottles!3

My second fun project used only four materials! A canvas, old cutlery, super glue and gold spray paint.4

I thought that adding cutlery above our serving tray would be a fun play off of the star and the clock on the wall!5And to continue the theme of silver and gold, and recycling Christmas decorations, I decided to hang old silver ornaments with clear fishing wire.

That’s just a quick look at my kitchen! Hope you’ve been keeping warm with the storm in the Northeast!

*Sparkle On and Wear Bows*

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