Trendy Tuesday: Sparkly Hair Accessories


Headbands are nothing new. Yet, this New Years has left me longing for a bit of sparkle in the hair accessory department! Read on for my favorite picks and looks to compliment a bit of sparkle!

Outfit Number Onex

Get the Look!

This first look features a fun (and inexpensive) headband to work into your wardrobe! Starting with the crystal knot headband, add black skinny jeans, a denim top, and gray cardigan to keep out the cold. For accessories, look for a leather backpack, gray lace up boots and earrings.

Outfit Number Two

xGet the Look!

This second look features a fun and floral headband! This hair piece will pair perfectly with a lace dress, tights, chunky heels and a satchel.

Outfit Number Three

x-1Get the Look!

This look captures the glamour of the 1920’s! Starting with this glittered hair piece from ASOS, add a drop waist dress, gray tights, and T-bar flats to complete the look!

Do you wear sparkly hair accessories? What did you think of the looks above? Let me know in a comment below!

*Sparkle On and Wear Bows*


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