Today I Wore: Smile for the Camera!

This semester, as I’ve said before, has been super busy but amazingly rewarding. Over the summer I applied for an internship at a local news organization, and have been blessed with the opportunity to test out my skills in the field of journalism! Aside from interning I’ve been ‘weather-girling’ (is that a verb? I’ll just go with it) for one of my school’s local news shows, EIV at 6.

I have had so much fun bonding with the crew and cast of the show, and working on my skills as a reporter!

Although it is a bit funny to see yourself on TV!

This shot is from a shoot I did on a local haunted house in Salem! It was so fun getting to go behind the scenes of a haunted house, and see all the spooks and scares up close. Here’s the package online if you’d like a bit of a scare yourself! 🙂

Get the Look!

This is a simple outfit look, that would be great for an internship or being on camera! While blazers are a bit on the way out, despite what my teacher may say, it’s always good to have one handy. For shoes, be sensible, but I just love these retro style Kimchi Blue pumps! For a dress, keep it classy and in a fun color that compliments your coloring! For accessories keeping it simple is always good, but a bit of sparkle never hurt anyone! Lastly, for hair keep it chic, cute and styled.

Are any of you in the field of journalism? Doing internships this semester? If the photos aren’t enough check out last week’s election show here!

Have a great weekend! *Sparkle On and Wear Bows*



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