Links I Love

Hi everyone! Sorry my posting has been so all over the place this past week or so. My mac took a trip to the apple doctor and now that it’s back here is a new post that I plan on doing every sunday! Here are some amazing do it yourself projects, recipes and fashion tips that I’ve been loving this week! Have you done anything fun this week?

*Sparkle On and Wear Bows*

The Beauty Department brings a vintage twist to the classic ponytail in this great tutorial!

Polka Dot jeans are a cute and fun piece for fal and Jenny Bevlin shows you how to add some dots to an old pair of jeans!

Ever want to add a bit of fun to a lamp? Lauren Conrad uses a bit of ribbon for a really cute bow lamp!

Fall for me means Pumpkin Spice Lattes! Here’s a way to make this drink at home, from Confections of a foodie bride!

Nothing is more classic than mason jars! Yesterday’s Sweetheart uses a bit of white paint to make adorable mason jar vases.

After you finish painting your mason jars, save a few to make these individual cakes in a jar from Cakies.

Or better yet, a pumpkin pie in a jar from The Nerds Wife.

It’s the perfect time for apple picking, and a Beautiful Mess shows you how to make homemade apple chips!

Moving into a new apartment? Why not make this adorable ruffled shower curtain from JustCallMeBlessed!

Another adorable hairdo to celebrate the transition from Summer to Fall! An adorable bouffant braid from Keiko Lynn!

Lastly here are adorable candles in vintage teacups from Heygorg! 


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