What Will I Make Wednesday: Canvas Transfer


I am always looking to add some personal touches to my wall decor, and as I am in the process of moving to a new space I decided to give this method from ABeautifulMess a try! Using simple materials, you can easily transfer a photo onto a canvas, creating a personal and unique touch to any room!


  • A Canvas, mine is 11×14
  • A Gel medium, such as Liquidex heavy gloss gel
  • A regular photo copy of the photo you want to transfer
  • A Spray Bottle
  • A Paint Brush


  1. Cover the canvas with the gel medium, make it a thick coat!
  2. Next place the image print side down and make sure that it adheres to the paper. (Note: the image will be reversed when placed on the canvas, so plan accordingly!)
  3. Let the canvas sit for several hours, I let mine sit over night!
  4. The next day using the spray bottle I slowly rubbed away the layers of paper to reveal the transferred image underneath. This step is a bit time consuming, and messy, so be careful when rubbing as to not remove the transfer!

And voila! I love my transferred image, with all of it’s holes and imperfections and can’t wait to hang it in my new space!

I’ve been so busy this week with packing, planning for the upcoming school year and getting ready for my internship! Yet I’m so excited for this upcoming year! Do you have any do it yourself projects in the making? I’d love to hear about them!

*Sparkle On and Wear Bows*

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