Today I Wore: Sweet Summer Songs

“In summer, the song sings itself,” or atleast that’s what William Carlos Williams believes, and I happen to agree with him. This summer has truly flown by at a breath taking speed, and I’m already facing down my senior year of college, my boyfriend’s move to the west coast (for the semester), and seeing my younger sister go off to college. As such the last few days have been super busy from squeezing in drinks with friends, shopping for supplies, and seeing my boyfriend play in a show! Read on for some photos and a video of some sweet summer songs!

My boyfriend’s very talented friend, seen here with the guitar, rounded up some great musicians to play at a small festival in the common! While the crowd was small, the weather was perfect and the music was wonderful!

There’s nothing like watching the sun set behind Beacon Hill!

 While it was only a few days ago, I decided to throw a sweater over my navy polka dotted dress, as it was getting a bit chilly!

I also skipped my usual hair bow and opted for my cream colored bow belt! I just love how much it can add to any look!

And here is my new pride and joy, a vintage Coach Willis handbag! Since this photo I’ve gotten it cleaned up at my local coach store and received two free hangtags for my bag.

What are you doing as the summer winds down? Have you done your back to school shopping? Also feel free to check out a video I took of my boyfriend playing with Cauzamos! 

*Sparkle On and Wear Bows*


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