Trendy Tuesday: Try these Fall Trends

Ah, fall. From the changing of the leaves, to sweaters, to pumpkin spice lattes, I love fall! This upcoming fall brings a new set of trends that are both cozy and super functional! Read on for this season’s upcoming trends and must have pieces.

Contrasting Collars

Get the Piece!

I have to say that I am a huge fan of contrasting collars! Whether they are attached to a piece, or just used as an accessory, collars add a bit of feminine edge to any look!

Wine Red

Get the Piece!

From the runway to the streets, wine red was seen in a variety of collections for this upcoming season! I love the look of a wine red blazer, blouse or boots for fall!


Get the Piece!

While my only time riding horses has consisted of ponies in a corral, I love equestrian styled pieces! From these awesome riding boots (they’re only $70) to a vintage Dooney and Burke bag, these pieces will bring a crispness to any look!


Get the Piece!

Metallic shades are popping up everywhere, whether it’s embellishments, part of the fabric or even a great bottle of nail polish! Add a bit of pretty penny, or sweet silver to your looks this fall to truly sparkle and shine.

Oversized Coats

Get the Piece!

While I don’t want to start thinking about a New England winter just yet, I love the big coat trend for this upcoming colder weather!

What do you think about these fall trends? Will you be shopping for any of them this fall? Let me know in a comment below!

*Sparkle On and Wear Bows*


3 thoughts on “Trendy Tuesday: Try these Fall Trends

  1. I kept thinking of OUAT characters as I looked at these trends. LOVE the hooded cream coat – if that doesn’t say Snow White, I don’t know what does! 🙂 I also love wine shades for autumn, it looks good on every skin tone. I like mixing it with grey and tan. Lovely selections. X

  2. Thanks so much LongLashes! I cannot wait until Once Upon a Time returns this fall, for the show, but mostly for the fashions! 🙂

    • Series/Season 1 just finished two days ago in England, so I have to wair a whole year! Like I said in my Facebook status “Not good. Regina never smiles. She shows her teeth…” My face is sunburnt! :/ I want Autumn to come! I have my eye on a tweed jacket – (very equestrian) but I am petite and really only want it because it reminded me of my dear departed Grandfather. Funny how nostalgia from fashion pulls you in… or back. Anything like that ever grab you too?

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