Trendy Tuesday: Sandal “Smoking” Slippers

Move over Dorothy there’s a new slipper in town! Every girl needs a great pair of stylish, cute and comfortable flats, and this season’s hottest shoe the smoking slipper fulfills all of these qualities! This  shoe is at the top of everyone’s must have Fall accessories, and takes the trend of rocking menswear into those colder months. So read on for four looks featuring this season’s new shoe!

Outfit Number One

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This look features a tough pair of metallic loafers, which would look great with boyfriend jeans, a lace top and a rain coat to keep out the cold!

Outfit Number Two

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This next look plays to the darker color palettes of fall with deep turquoise pants, black and gold studded slippers, an ivory loose top and great black accessories!

Outfit Number Three

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This look might be my favorite, from the leopard to the jean, this has it all! Start with black jeans, add a denim top, a pop of color with the red bag and black and gold jewelry.

Outfit Number Four

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This last look show how to wear these fun flats in a bit of a dressier setting. Start with these adorable polka dot slippers, a two tone color dress and classic black and white accessories.

What do you think of these shoes? Will you be buying any for back to school shopping? Let me know in a comment below! *Sparkle On and Wear Bows*


One thought on “Trendy Tuesday: Sandal “Smoking” Slippers

  1. Loving the last look, (polka dots!) Kind of ‘Upmarket 50’s Diner-Girl’ 🙂 I wish I could be at least pulled-together in the mornings… What basics do you reach for to look smart of a morning, because I love my sleep and don’t plan the night before!

    Also, I don’t really love most of my wardrobe. I promised myself I would only own things I love and that express ‘me’ but those are very few and far between. Keep up the loveliness. 🙂 X

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