An Apple a Day…Fashion Inspired by Fruit!

The summer may be winding down, but the fun fruity fashion is still in full swing! I just love bags, dresses, and of course jewelry inspired by my favorite fruits. Read on to see the cutest and fruitiest fashion finds!

Get the Suit!

Looking for a new, adorable, and super affordable bathing suit? Then look no further than this citrus embellished bikini from ASOS, just for $8.50!

Get the rings!

These rings from Topshop are wonderful in that they can be worn together or separately for a fruity addition to any look.

Get the Clips!

These Marc Jacobs clips are just too cute!  

Get the Skirt!

If you’re looking for a perfect retro skirt, then look no further!

Get the Dress!

This dress is just too cute! From the material to the cute and style I am in love with this piece!

Bananas have always been my favorite fruit and smoothie flavor, and I love these pumps as much as I love the fruit! At just $40, these Modcloth retro pumps would be a perfect addition to anyone’s closet!

What do you think of these fruit inspired pieces? Will you be buying any? Let me know in a comment below!

*Sparkle On and Wear Bows*


One thought on “An Apple a Day…Fashion Inspired by Fruit!

  1. The banana shoes are super-funky! I was going to suggest you do a fruit inspired post, so you read my mind, thanks! Would love to see a wearable papaya combination. X

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