The Must Have Book Bags for Fall 2012

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but as today marks the beginning of August, it is officially a month before the start of school! While I love summer, there is something special about buying a brand new backpack after a few years of use! Read on to see the best places, and styles to buy a new book bag!


Get the Bag!

Oh Essl, how I love your canvas bags! Whether it’s blue or tan, this bag is versatile and strong for holding those heavy psych books!


Get the Bag!

Topshop is always known for their edgy English style, and these bags are no exception! Whether you’re a fan of stripes or studs, there is something for everyone.

The North Face

Get the Bag!

While most people wouldn’t describe me as ‘out doorsy’ or ‘sporty’, my last backpack was a lovely blue North Face that has lasted throughout high school and into those heavy book days of college.


Get the Bag!

If you’re looking for a fun floral backpack, look no further than Tilly’s! I love the bright color of the backpack on the left and the contrast of the leather and flowers on the right.


Get the Bag!

Oh Modcloth, I can not say how much I love this store, and these bags are no exception! I love the color and style of the laptop tote, as well as the cute bow on the bright leather bag.

Urban Outfitters

Get the Bag!

For those of you who travel with as little as possible, these Urban Outfitters bags are for you! They are a bit on the smaller size, perfect for commuting and are super easy to match with anything!

What kind of bag do you use for either work or school? Would you buy any of the options above? Let me know!

*Sparkle On and Wear Bows*


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