The Perfect Airport Outfit: Part II of the Travel Series

My mother always loves to tell  this story about a flight she took with her friend and how her outfit made all the difference. She decided to don a Navy blue dress, cute pumps, and do up her hair, while her friend opted for the ‘I rolled out of bed’ sort of a look. While both of the woman were the same age, my mother was constantly asked by the stewardess if she needed anything, and almost ignored her friend! Airport style may be different from the by gone Pan Am days, but dressing for success always applies when traveling. So keep it cute, keep it comfy and read on to see the perfect airport outfit for you!

Outfit Number One

Get the Look!

When it comes to traveling, it is all about the layering. From the car, to the terminal, to the plane, you’ll be experiencing a variety of temperatures ranging from sweating to shivering. This look prepares you for this by layering a light Peter Pan collar blouse, with black jeans, and a cozy sweater. For accessories keep the jewelry to a minimum with earrings and shades, and keep the comfort with a pair of flats. As for a carry on, I love how this black tote pulls the outfit together.

Outfit Number Two

Get the Look!

This look is a bit of trendy, but keeping the comfort factor as well. Starting with a high low white skirt, a black t-shirt, and topping it off with a belt. For accessories, these sandals add a bit of excitement to the outfit, pairing with a messenger bag, and a pair of sunnies.

Outfit Number Three

Get the Look!

This last look features a dress that is all about chic, and comfort! A black maxi dress is wonderful for traveling as it can be worn and re-worn multiple times on a trip. Starting with the dress, add a fun tribal scarf, sandals and keep a cardigan in case it gets cold on the plane! For accessories try a pop of color with this satchel and a fun boho braid in your hair!

Keep in Your Carry-On

  • Magazines & Books: Whether you’re flipping through your new Vogue or Cosmo, or the best summer Beach Read, reading material is a must have for a trip!
  • Touch Up Makeup Bag: To keep a fresh face during your flight, a bit of liner, mascara, powder foundation, under eye concealers are a necessary!
  • A Pair of Cozy Socks: If you’re wearing an outfit that doesn’t pair well with socks, traveling with a super pair of cozy socks is so necessary!
  • Oil Blotting Papers: Keep away that shine for a fresh face.

What do you think of these looks? Would you wear any of them traveling? Let me know in a comment below!

*Sparkle On and Wear Bows*


8 thoughts on “The Perfect Airport Outfit: Part II of the Travel Series

  1. All your looks are cute, and they all will integrate well into a travel capsule wardrobe. I”m not so sure about the sandals though, unless you want to bring along footies for going through security.

    My favorite long distance outfit is a knit dress, leggings, a sweater, a pashmina, and ballet flats (or in winter, dress boots). When you are flying 30+ hours you want something as close to pajamas as possible. I like to keep my seat side bag as a soft packable bag. I carry on only, and some airlines mean one bag (not one bag plus personal item). The soft bag can be packed in the big bag.

  2. Hi, I LOVE your blog. You have great taste, I’ve been looking for exactly this type of style. I recently bought a lovely mint/pale turquoise (you know, a few shades paler than Tiffany blue) cardigan and would love to style it with maroon, (probably in Autumn though) but for now with magenta, coral-orange or yellow but I also wear a headscarf for religious reasons so what neutral would go well with this mix of muted and bright? For argument’s sake lets say it would be with dark indigo wash jeans and brown leather mary-janes.

    • Hi LongLashes,
      Thank you so so much! I am truly happy that you love my blog, and the style it portrays! I love the sound of your new cardigan, and I know it would look amazing with this summer’s “it” color, tangerine or coral. As for the headscarf, I would say sticking with a neutral creme, deep blue, or even a light tan to match your mary-janes would be wonderful. However, I don’t have too much knowledge on headscarves but if there are patterns, possibly finding a scarf with all of those bright summer tones would add a pop to your look!

      I hope this answered your question and thanks again for your readership! (:

      • Thanks a lot, You look very Holly Golightly in your thumbnail!

        Hmmm :/ Honestly, when you think you have enough scarves for every outfit – even if you keep to neutrals it becomes apparent that you don’t. Snoods in cotton with those colours might work… reminds me I must get a better cream-coloured scarf. Oh totally, the Turkish have cornered the market in printed silk! I love this keys motif, a bit OUAT-y maybe? ❤

  3. I love all the looks and especially the black dress and sandals. I’m disappointed that none of these have the brand names listed……….. 😦

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