Tips and Tricks for Packing, Part I of Travel Series

While this summer has been solely focused on working, the upcoming weeks are bringing on the fun in the form of trips! I’m so excited to be taking a road trip to the Cape, and later, hopping a flight to Florida. In honor of my new found fun, I’ll be featuring a travel series of sorts with Must Haves for Traveling, the Perfect Outfit for Flying, and the focus of this piece, Tips and Tricks for Packing! Read on for advice on how to cut out the stress of packing!

Do not wait until the night before

I am a huge fan of all nighters, whether it’s typing a paper, pulling a project together or reorganizing my shoes, I am a huge fan of leaving things until the last minute. While my procrastination rarely has negative drawbacks, there is nothing, I repeat, nothing worse than packing late. As you try to pack, you’ll be scrambling to find that awesome maxi skirt, wish you had gone shopping for “fill in item here”,  and starting your trip with stress. Trust me, start sooner and feel better!

Make lists

Once you’ve started packing early, it’s all about following your list! While list making can be a bit boring, being honest about what you truly need will help you pack in a more efficient and quicker manner.

Roll your clothing

Now that you’ve compiled your list, make the most of your space by rolling your clothing, instead of folding! You’ll be able to see what you’ve packed, and save space!

Make your clothes Multi-Task or in this case Multi-Match

Have you ever taken a trip only to discover that you’ve packed so many things that just don’t go? When it comes to packing, versatility is key. Try pairing outfit essentials with more standout pieces which you can re-wear later in the trip in a completely different way!

Pack A Change of Clothes in Your Carry On

You’re standing at the luggage terminal waiting for your bag to appear and as the suitcases become fewer and fewer, you start to panic. If you’ve ever lost your luggage, you’ll know how important it is to pack some sort of an outfit in your carry on!

Resist the Urge to Over Pack

So you’ve made the list, packed your clothes, and started way before your trip, but you’re starting to wonder if you’re missing something. Suddenly, you’re throwing everything from that chiffon skirt, to that lace top that you really don’t need! Stick to your list, and avoid the urge to overpack! It’s always best to leave a bit of space in a suitcase, that way you’ll have somewhere to put any new clothes you purchase on your trip!

What did you think of my travel tips? Do you have any tips and tricks of your own? Please share them with me in a comment below!

*Sparkle On And Wear Bows*


2 thoughts on “Tips and Tricks for Packing, Part I of Travel Series

  1. Aw of course! I love taking photos, and the cape is just too cute to not document!! So glad you liked the post, and thanks for reading:)

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