Trendy Tuesday: Floppy vs. Boater Hats

As a girl with fair skin, I have been a longtime fan of hats, as they can add so much to a look while keeping your skin protected from those harsh UV rays. So whether you’re looking for sun protection or just to add another fun accessory to your summer wardrobe, these are your two go to hats.  Yet each hat carries with it a different style, and feel, with something for everyone! So read on to see if you’re a fan of the floppy hat or a boater hat!

The Floppy Hat

Oh the floppy hat, from it’s versatile cut and the variety of colors this style of hat has everything! From adding drama, or a bit of boho flair the floppy hat is perfect for summer!

Outfit Number One-Boho Overload

Get the Look!

Start with a black maxi dress with a braided belt, next add a pair of amazing printed wedges, and boho style jewelry. And top it all off with a deep purple hat to match both the shoes and the earrings! The best part about this look is that it can be toned up or dressed down as much as you need it to!

Outfit Number Two-Pretty and Preppy

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This hat is just too cute! From the color to the pattern, the theme of this look just had to have a bit of nautical flair. Starting with the hat, add a peter pan blouse, a mustard skirt, and a pair of oxfords. For jewelry keep it simple with knotted earrings and a knotted bracelet.

Outfit Number Three- For the Beach

Get the Look!

I would have to think that 1940’s Beach Barbie, would totally rock this swimsuit and an adorable floppy hat. I especially love the two tone color of this one, and of course the bow! To go with the retro vibe keep it simple with cat eye shades, a clutch and a fun beach towel!

The Boater Hat

Outfit Number One- Rolling on the River

Get the Look!

This look screams, I take photos on Instagram of my adorable picnic lunch! Starting with this Topshop dress, I added a pair of knee socks, brogue flats and camera themed jewelry to match the feel of the boater hat.

Outfit Number Two

Get the Look!

While I’m more of a dress girl, when I wear shorts, I go for high waisted! And these high waisted black shorts would look great with this blouse, maryjane shoes and this adorable flower embellished boater hat!

Outfit Number Three

Get the Look!

This look features the same skirt as the nautical floppy hat look, and looks great with a white peter pan blouse and this adorable blue ribbon boater hat!

So what do you think? Are you a floppy hat girl? or A fan of the boater hat? Let me know in a comment below!

*Sparkle On and Wear Bows*


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