Today I Wore: Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

Whew! Two, What I Wore, posts in just a week? Guess the summer is finally picking up! This week was work filled with a bit of fun in between! Read on to see what I wore this week!

While it can be a bit hot and tiring, I love my job! I get to meet so many amazing passengers, like my new friend Leonardo!

I also had so much fun showing my boyfriend Tyler around where I worked on my day off!

Later that night we went on a sunset cruise, and I decided to wear my new Peter Pan collared dress from H&M!

Aside from my H&M dress I decided to wear my new H&M scalloped flats! They looked pretty cute, aside from my crazy boat shoe tan lines!

Purse: Vintage, IPhone Case: Kate Spade New York, Nail Polish: Essie’s Lollipop

We had so much fun learning about Boston, taking amazing photos and seeing the nightly flag ceremony at the USS Constitution!


I had such an amazing day off, and can’t wait for my next one! What have you done this week? Let me know!

*Sparkle On and Wear Bows*


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