Today I Wore/ Where have you been?

The past two weeks have been crazy! From the Tall Ships visiting the Boston Harbor, to birthdays and of course the Fourth of July, I have a bit of whip lash as the days have flown by. Today was my first day off from work in quite sometime so I took the time to run some errands and walk down one of my favorite streets in Boston. This week I hope to be posting on the usual schedule so read on to see my day off and tune in to more posts this week!

I started my day shopping at H&M where I found these awesome scalloped flats!

I then stopped in at Georgetown Cupcakes on Newbury!

The red velvet is to die for, not that there is a bad flavor in the bunch!

And here are my purchases! I went to Goodwill and found this amazing silver cake stand along with a 1960’s handbag. From there it was TJMaxx for Michael Kors sunglasses, H&M for scalloped flats, and lastly the apple store for a Kate Spade Iphone case!

And I spent the morning playing with my hair and my new iphone! I know the posts have been a bit scattered over the past week, but look forward to a post each day this week!

*Sparkle On and Wear Bows*


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