Today I Wore: Graduation Party Time!

This past weekend, I took a train home to visit my family, and celebrate my sister Bridget’s graduation from high school! It was such a fun weekend of parties, and catching up with friends, along with just the comfort of going home! Read on to see what I did and wore this Weekend!

My first task of the weekend was to create a photo board for my sister, showcasing the fun and sometimes awkward photos of your childhood! It was such a trip down memory lane picking out pictures from the past.

I was also able to meet my new baby cousin Katherine! She is just too cute and happy!

My Aunt Katie and I ended up wearing similar outfits, totally unplanned of course.

As for my outfit, I wore a lace H&M top, a Forever 21 polka dotted skirt and my hair in a 1960’s bouffant.

As for my shoes, I was able to show off my new saddle shoe flats!

And aside from my hair-bow, I wore my sterling silver bow necklace!

I had such an amazing time celebrating with my family this weekend! Did you do anything fun? Have you been to any grad parties? Let me know in a comment below!

*Sparkle On and Wear Bows*


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