One Item Four Ways

Have you ever fallen in love, and then purchased a “trendy” item only to find that you have nothing to wear it with? Sometimes I find myself stuck in a bit of an outfit rut, and I then feel the need to buy new clothes. Instead of running back out to the stores, try looking into your closet for some wardrobe basics that can be mixed and matched with other basics that you own! Or if you’re looking for some great investment pieces for the summer, here are fun and easy ways to make your purchase work for you! This week, I’ll be showing you four different and easy ways to add a bit of style, edge or preppiness, to a white blazer.

Outfit Number One

Get the Look!

This first look is just the right amount of casual, with the white blazer bringing a polished vibe to the overall look. To achieve this look, start with a pair of lace shorts, and a basic colored tank top. Next keep the accessories a bit country, without going overboard to costumey! I love these ankle cowboy booties, which would tie into the blue tank, along with a white rope bracelet, ring, and layered necklace.

Outfit Number Two

Get the Look!

An easy way to spice up a basic, is with a fun floral dress! I love the cut and colors of this dress, they remind me of a sunset! Starting with the dress keep with a metallic theme, from the wedges to the matching jewelry and clutch.

Outfit Number Three

Get the Look!

From the leather shorts, to the chiffon top, this outfit combines a variety of textures to keep the white and black color-scheme from becoming boring. I love these leather shorts with lace details, and when combined with the shirt, a pair of wedges and a cute bag, this look is perfect for going out!

Outfit Number Four

Get the Look! 

This look is such a fun and easy take on a simple top and jean combo look. Starting with a dark wash pair of jeans, add a bow tank top, white blazer and some mint oxfords for just a light pastel of color.

What do you think of these looks? Would you purchase a white blazer? Let me know in a comment below!

*Sparkle On and Wear Bows*


2 thoughts on “One Item Four Ways

  1. These outfits are all absolutely gorgeous! I just bought two new bows with a gift card and I’m using your blog for inspiration for new clothes, seeing as I’ve lost ten pounds since being home from college. Haha. I miss you, girly.

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