Trendy Tuesday: Retro Swimsuits

This week’s Trendy Tuesday is near and dear to my heart. Anyone who knows me, knows I love a good sunny day at the beach and retro bathing suits! These wonderful suits pay homage to the styles before them, with the comfort of modern sizing and printing abilities! Read on to find the perfect retro inspired swimwear for the summer!

Pretty Polka Dots

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Something about polka dots just screams 50’s fun to me!

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This adorable two piece bikini is from Modcloth, and combines the fun loving style of a bikini with a bit of extra fabric on the bottoms to cover up your belly! Try pairing this suit with a pair of fun wedges, cat eye sunglasses and of course, a white bow!

Ahoy Sailor!

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Aside from the polka dot trend, I have always considered myself a sucker for anything sailor inspired!

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And this suit combines that love of nautical trends with stripes, buttons and a bow! To complete this look try a pair of anchor earrings, red lipstick and fun striped shades.

Fun Florals

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While a bathing cap may seem a bit grandma-ish, I simply love the idea of a floral bathing cap to complete a swimsuit outfit!

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For this look start with a fun retro inspired one piece, like this bright blue one, and keep up the color with fun accessories such as this floral bathing cap!

If You’re a Bird…I’m a Bird

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I know some of you might have fought rolling your eyes at the title of this look, and while the Notebook may be overly corny, the styling is truly wonderful! I especially love Allie’s bathing suit in the scene when her and Noah and the beach!

Get the Look!

This suit is similar to the plaid suit that Rachel McAdams wore in the movie, and would look so chic with a hair wrap and some pin curls!

What do you think of retro inspired swimwear? Will you be buying or wearing any pieces this summer? Let me know what you think!

*Sparkle On and Wear Bows*


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