Five Easy Ways to Add Sparkle to White Walls

If you’ve ever lived in a dorm or an apartment, the general foundation of any room is a boring white wall. As a college student we’re generally not allowed to paint our walls, (if we could mine would be pink), but there are some easy ways to bring a bit of your taste and style to an otherwise blase colored wall. Read on for five easy ways to brighten up your apartment or room!

Photos or Album Covers

This photo collage is the brain child of my lovely younger sister, and I think that her choice of colors and pictures reflected her personality and brightened up this already bright green wall!

If you’re a music love, try small print outs of some of your favorite album covers or CD’s and arrange them in a square pattern.

A new obsession of mine is Instagram photos, and while I am still saving up for a smart phone, there are several web based apps that will give you Instragram style vintage photos which are an adorable and affordable way to cover a wall. 

Picture Frames

I have been on the hunt for some eclectic picture frames, to add to a wall collage of photos above our television in the living room. After stopping at different Good Will’s and Salvation Army stores, I think this wall has received a major make over for just a few dollars!

My roommate and I will hopefully be adding to this wall in the next few months. Check the nearest thrift store near you for one of a kind frames!


Another easy way to cover a space is with a tapestry. I received this one from some family friends who were living in Egypt for the past few years. The colors went perfectly with our room scheme and adds such a personal touch to an otherwise boring white wall.

Paper Pinwheels

Now I had to save my favorite for last, and while I love all of the other options, these paper pin wheels added so much sun and color to my kitchen!

These pinwheels are super easy to make, but I took sort of the easy route with a pre cut kit that you needed to assemble with just tape and fishing line!

Do you have any white walls that you’d like to add some ‘sparkle’ to? What are some of your favorite ways to decorate? Let me know in a comment below! *Sparkle On and Wear Bows*


3 thoughts on “Five Easy Ways to Add Sparkle to White Walls

  1. I like to buy big frames (16×20?) and put my kids drawing in them with a pretty mat. I make them sign the them and always put the date after. Looks professional and they love seeing their “masterpieces”. You can switch them out anytime you want!

    • That is such a fun craft idea! I love the idea of being able to change them to new pieces of art! Thanks for reading Holly! 🙂

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