Monday Musings: Kate Phelan for Top Shop

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With everything from cute accessories, dresses to wonderful tops and bottoms, Topshop has it all. The mastermind behind this multi-national British brand is Kate Phelan, a former fashion director for British Vogue, has added pizzaz and promise to the brand in her blossoming time as their creative director. Read on for facts about the company, a bit of bio on Kate and sample outfits!

Photo Credit

(TopShop Accessories for Summer 2012)

A Bit of Background

  • Topshop is a bit of an old soul! It was founded in 1964, under the name Peter Robinson’s Top Shop. The store sold youth fashions under the Sheffield branch of a department store chain called Peter Robinson. Although the department store chain went under, Topshop survived, with the creation of the first stand alone store 1974.
  • Kate Phelan was born in Exeter, in 1964. She moved to London in 1983 to study fashion design at Central St. Martins College. (She never did finish her degree at school).
  • Phelan worked for British Vogue as the Fashion Editor for about twenty years. She created memorable images and a signature styling, which translated to readers and consumers.
  • Before becoming Topshop’s creative director, Kate worked for their advertising department.
  • Kate describes her job at Topshop, as “sprinkling fairy dust”, by adding a unique touch and keeping the brand’s image while improving upon it.
  • Phelan has a few Topshop essentials to brighten up your wardrobe for Summer: bright knits, a smart baseball jacket, our embellished jeans. But really it should be a summer of dresses, being able to do that one-piece dressing.
Outfit Number One
This look jumped out at me immediately because of the fun and adorable layering! While you might think layering is a fashion tool for fall and winter, using a light denim shirt can change and add so much to a summer look!
To start, try a pair of aztec patterned shorts, and top it off with a bralet top with a different print. Kate often pairs multiple types of patterns to create dimension. Top it off with a denim button up shirt, orange oxfords, and fun rings like this coral stone or beaded teal one!
Outfit Number Two
When looking at this photo, I felt a bit of a 1950’s beach vibe, and think that this look would be perfect for a fun vacation look.
Start with a pair of  mint, striped, high waisted ‘hot pants’, or in our venacular high waisted shorts, and top with a striped violet bralet top.  Keep the vintage feel with accessories, like these adorable mint kitten heel sandals, cat eyed sunglasses and this adorable bow purse! For your hair try two victory rolls for a vintage look!
Outfit Number Three
This dress is from Topshops’ Dress Up line, which features adorable dresses perfect for prom or any weddings this summer!
Okay, I have to say it. I love this dress! It combines several of my favorite things, pink, sparkels and a bit of a vintage flair! To compliment the dress, try a pair of pale kitten pumps, a pearl necklace, vintage inspired floral earrings and top it off with a beehive hair do!
Aside from the outfits, I just had to include some of my favorite Topshop accessories! (They have a wonderful selection of bows, and bow embellished pieces, which I of course, love!)

What do you think of Topshop? Do you ever shop there? Will you be wearing any fun layered looks this summer? Let me know in a comment below!

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