Trendy Tuesday: Music Festival Must-Haves

It’s that wonderful time of year again, for music, friends and week long festivals! Whether you’re heading out to a nightly show, or a day long event, here are the must have items you need to stay, cute, comfortable and focus on the music!

Fun Floral Dress

Get the Dress!

Floral dresses are a must have for any summer getaway, but they’re perfect for music festivals because the patterns will hide any spills or dust that accumulate while you’re running around to see your favorite musicians!


Get the Shades!

I know, I love my Ray Bans as much as the next girl, but music festivals are not the place for your designer shades. Accidents happen and with a giant crowd, it’s best to break out a cute (but cheap) pair of shades.

Tough shoes

Get the Boots!

From mud to lots of people rushing from place to place, open toed shoes are not ideal for festivals. Instead opt for a pair of rough and tumble boots. I love the vintage inspired shoes with laces and a bit of an edge to them!

All Weather Jacket

Get the Jacket!

While everyone loves a sunny day, mother nature has known to not cooperate especially when it comes to out door venues and shows. For rainy concerts throw on a cute, yet functional jacket! To add a bit of trendiness try an anorak!

Thin Scarf

Get the Scarf!

I love scarves. They update and change a white tank top or regular t-shirt instantly. And what better way to add a light texture and pattern to your look?

Back Pack

Get the Backpack!

Once you have all of the clothing essentials, you’ll still need a place to throw all of the day to day necessities. Backpacks are a must! These picks feature fun patterns and functionality all in one.


Get some SPF!

Summer may be the season for tanning, but if you get burned on the first day, the rest of the week will be spent on your skin instead of having fun! So skip the burn by using SPF moisturizers, make up and the classic but reliable sunscreen.

Make Up removing wipes and cleansing pads

Get the Products!

Whether it’s the end of the day, or you need to freshen up, it’s always great to throw make up removing wipes or cleansing pads into your bag! They’ll leave you feeling clean, refreshed, and fresh faced!

Dry Shampoo

Get the Dry Shampoo!

Lastly, hair tends to almost count as it’s own accessorie. And after a few days of standing in the sweltering sun or pouring rain, your hair will most likely need a good clean. If you don’t have access to a shower never fear dry shampoo is here! This stuff can work miracles, and soak up any acces oil to let your hair shine!

Do you attend concerts or music festivals in the summer season? What concert are you looking forward to this summer? Let me know in a comment below! *Sparkle On and Wear Bows*


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