Inspired by: The Disney Princesses

As a little girl I loved nothing more, than popping in a VHS tape to watch my favorite Disney princesses, fall in love, save the day, and yes, wear fabulous clothes. And while the princesses’ clothes, might be something we would never wear today, it’s easy to add the essence of your favorite heroine to any look! Read on for outfits inspired by the daring, and dreaming, Disney Princesses. 

Aurora: Sleeping Beauty

Get Aurora’s Look!

This stunning blonde princess goes by many names, Briar Rose, Aurora and of course Sleeping Beauty. While she might be sleeping for a majority of the movie, she sure knows how to dress! This look is inspired by her “casual” clothes at the beginning of the film. Starting with a tan skirt, add a white blouse, black corset top, and a pair of black shoes to complete the look! For accessories try a black headband, simple purse, and keep your hair in long, loose, curls.

Get Aurora’s Look!

This second look is inspired by Aurora’s last scene in the film where she is twirling around with her prince. Try a cute pink dress like this one, and pair with pink sparkly flats, white tights and a white purse.


Get Jasmine’s Look!

Now, I know what you’re thinking: ‘Jasmine doesn’t wear a swimsuit in the movie Aladdin!’ Quite true. Yet Jasmine’s colors would be perfect for a beach look this summer! Start with a bright blue bikini, and embellish with accessories like, gold strap sandals, an orange bracelet, a tiger ring (gotta represent Raja), and a gold headband.

Snow White

Get Snow White’s Look!

Snow White is the first of all the Disney Princesses, and her color scheme is one of my favorites! Starting with a yellow skirt, pair with a blue blouse, red bow, and apple inspired jewelry and you’ll be ready to be kissed by your Prince Charming!


Get Ariel’s Look!

Ariel is a bit of a rebellious Princess, collecting human ‘treasures’, skipping music rehearsals, and making a deal with the evil sea witch Ursula, is all in an ordinary day for her as she tries to win over Prince Eric. As a mermaid, Ariel’s look would most certainly be a swim suit, like this match of a ruffled purple bikini top, and a pair of green wrap style bottoms. For accessories, think of the ocean! Starting with a pair of starfish sandals, a sea shell purse, and a starfish necklace will add the touch of Ariel’s home to this look!


Get Pocahontas’ Look!

Pocahontas’ brown and turquoise color scheme pairs perfectly with any season whether it’s Fall or Summer. This look is light and perfect for warmer weather, with a chiffon dress from Modcloth, a pair of fringed sandals, and a fun necklace to add a pop of color.


Get Cinderella’s Look!

While Cinderella may start her film cooking and cleaning for her evil step sisters and step mother, she ends in a stunning blue dress, with a gorgeous prince, and I’m assuming a love of shoes! Starting with a light blue dress, add a pair of T-strap white oxfords, a light pink purse and a light pink bow to match. For jewelry, keep in the theme with some pieces from Disney Couture, like a bangle with her castle, a carriage shaped ring, and a locket that says ‘A Dream is A Wish Your Heart Makes’.


Get Tiana’s Look!

While the Princess and the Frog, came out when I was a freshmen in college, the movie captured the excitement, and feel, of the Jazz Age and Roaring Twenties. Tiana’s style reflects that look, with this dress from Modcloth, which would pair with floral oxfords, a leather hand bag and a cloche. For jewelry I added a frog charm necklace, and a ring that says ‘Believing is just the Beginning”.


Get Mulan’s Look!

Despite not having any ties to ‘royal blood’ Mulan is Disney’s eighth princess is the star of a movie named after her, and overcomes her gender and strengthens her relationship with her father all while defeating the Huns. To get her look, try a deep purple dress like this one, with blue pumps, and wear brightly colored jewelry to complete the look.


Get Belle’s Look!

From her love of books, to transforming a ‘beast’ into a charming beast, Belle has got her hands full, but her outfits are simple, and sophisticated as she goes about her busy days. Starting with a pale blue dress, add a long sleeved white blouse, pearl earrings, and a pair of two toned oxfords, for a bookish but beautiful look.
Ah, Rapunzel, from her long locks, to her outlook on life she is truly a girly girl, and this look reflects that! Starting with a lilac blouse, pair with a darker purple skirt, and lilac colored bow flats. For accessories keep with the color scheme with a bracelet, pearl ring, and a fitting tower necklace.
Do you have a favorite Disney Princess? Which Princess fits your style? Are there any other Disney characters that you would want to see on this blog? Let me know in a comment below!

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