Fashion Inspired by: The Mortal Instrument Series

So I have a bit of a confession: I like, love, young adult novels. Over the recent years I’ve collected and enjoyed various series one being, The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. From the exciting storylines, compelling characters, and budding romances, these stories have it all. But if you’re anything like me, one big question when reading any book is, What would this character wear or shop for on a day to day basis?

A  Bit of Background

  • The Mortal Instruments, are a series of six novels by Cassandra Clare, (currently only five of the books have been released).
  • The story focuses on fifteen year old Clary Fray who after attending a night club in New York meets a groups of teenagers covered in strange tattoos, fighting a boy with strange weapons. These are Shadowhunters who are charged with ridding the Earth of Demons.
  • Suddenly Clary is dragged into their world after her mother disappears and Clary is attacked by a demon. Throughout the series she struggles to learn more about herself, her past, and the mysterious Shadowhunters.

Clary Fray

  • Clary is one of the main protagonists of the series, she is human living a normal mundane life prior to the beginning of the City of Bones.
  • She is often described as stubborn, and takes delight in sarcasm, but is a very caring person who would do anything for her friends and family.
  • Clary has green eyes, and curly red hair, and is described by other characters to be extremely beautiful although she can not see it in herself.
  • When describing her style she claims to dress in a boyish fashion, often wearing T-shirts, jeans and sneakers.

Get the Look!

When we are first introduced to Clary, in the City of Bones book, she’s a bit of a bohemian artist who doesn’t really care about what she wears. Clary is all about comfort, as she paints and runs around NYC with her best friend Simon. To get her earth inspired look, start with a baggy pair of  jeans, add a cream colored sweater, and a scarf for some color! For accessories try a pair of forest green converse, a gray leather jacket, and a patterned backpack.

Get the Look!

While Clary may have been a bit style challenged at the beginning of the series, once she meets Isabelle Lightwood her looks get a big improvement. This look is inspired by one that Isabelle picks for Clary in hopes that she can blend in at a Downworlder party. Start with a black dress a pair of fishnet tights, black motorcycle boots and keep it simple with accessories like a leather backpack and a green military inspired jacket.

Isabelle Lightwood

  • Isabelle Lightwood is the sixteen year old daughter of Maryse Lightwood and Robert Lightwood, and is the younger sister of Alec Lightwood. She is a fierce Shadowhunter, and rarely shows any sort of fear.
  • She usually feels most comfortable around boys such as her adoptive brother Jace, and Alec, bur over the course of the series grows to be close friends with Clary.
  • Isabelle has a great sense of style and is extremely fashion conscious. She is also described as somewhat promiscuous, with vampires, fair knights and Shadowhunters in her dating history.
  • Isabelle is also very confident in her looks,  unlike her brother Alec who is uncomfortable in his own skin. She often uses her looks to achieve her goals, wielding them like her electrum whip to anyone she meets.

Get the Look!

Aside from being a fierce Shadowhunter, Isabelle Lightwood has a defined sense of style the reflects her tough yet girly personality. This look brings the best of both side of Isabelle’s personality, with a cream colored lace dress, layered with a chained belt, shredded tights and high heeled studded boots. To keep up the tough, add a leather jacket, embellished purse and Isabelle’s statement piece: her red necklace.

Get the Look!

This second look compliments the second look that Clary wears, and represents Isabelle’s “going out style”. For this look start with a black fishtail dress and add a layer of toughness and style with these bright red wedges with studs on the heels. For the rest of the accessories add pops of red with a fun clutch or nail polish!

Maia Roberts

  • Maia Roberts is a sixteen year old, who, is part of Luke Garroway’s Manhattan pack and was turned into a werewolf by Jordan and her ex-boyfriend.
  • She makes her first appearance in City of Ashes, and gets along well with Clary’s best friend Simon.

Get the Look!

Maia always has something witty to say, and I have a feeling that her style would represent that with a bit of a tough edge. Starting with classic blue jeans, add a sarcastic tank top, and top it off with a jean vest and a button that represents Maia’s inner video gammer. For accessories stick to necessities such as a leather bag, combat boots, and a pair of shades.

Have you read any of the Mortal Instrument Books? What do you think of these styles? Whose style best fits yours? Let me know in a comment below!

*Sparkle On and Wear Bows*


3 thoughts on “Fashion Inspired by: The Mortal Instrument Series

  1. I am more than a year late with this, but I just came across this post and I love it. I think the Maia wardrobe and accessories are spot on. I am dying for Cassandra Clare to release the last book of the series already!! Have you read The Infernal Devices? Stupid question? Just FYI I linked this post to my blog.

  2. Hi Victoria! I’m so happy you found my post, and I’m glad to talk to another Cassandra Clare fan! I am so obsessed with books, and would love to have that last book already. I just got into The Infernal Devices and had a bit of catch up reading to do, but I love that series just as much as the Mortal Instruments! And thank you for linking this to your blog, feel free to comment any other posts you might like to see here!

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