Must Have Summer Accessories!

From finals, to a terrible head cold, I’ve been a bit down and out on this blog over the past few days and for that I am so sorry! To make up for it, here is a post featuring the must have accessories for this upcoming summer!

White Handbags

Get the Purse!

This spring, white handbags were all over the runways, and are a perfect color for any outfit! Whether you’re looking for a perfect date night purse, or a boho lace bag, there are a variety of styles, and price tags for you to choose from!


Get the Hat!

I’ve never been a big hat person, however, hats are a perfect and stylish way to keep the sun off of your face! From fedora’s, boat hats to the ever adorable floppy hat, there  is sure to be a perfect hat for you!


Sunglasses are a must for the summer season! I recently purchased a pair of retro style Michael Kors sunglasses at TJMaxx, and am in love! I try to keep my ‘fancier’ sunglasses in a case, but love to pick up a few cheap pair from Target or Forever21, to add some color and style at a cheap price! This summer, cat eye, and retro glasses are everywhere, along with animal and tribal inspired prints and gradient style shades!


Get the Sandals!

Summer is the perfect time to break out your favorite shade of nail polish and show off your toes in a pair of adorable sandals! Whether you’re looking for a simple color, a tribal theme or a floral pair of sandals there is something for everyone! I especially love the one with the bows!


Get the Accessory!

Updating your wardrobe for different seasons can get expensive, but by purchasing cute and classic pieces and splurging on cheaper pieces of jewelry, you’ll slowly build a wardrobe that you can love for seasons to come! I love the idea of a floral attachable collar, a coral charm bracelet and a floral Coach ring!

Tote Bag

Get the Bag!

While white hand bags are cute, sometimes you just need a throw-everything-into-it sort of a tote!

Will you be buying any of these accessories? Which ones are your favorite? Let me know in a comment below!

*Sparkle On and Wear Bows*

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