Versatile Blogger, Oh so Fun!

I would like to say a BIG Thank You to Jessica of NotablyPrettyMiss for nominating Sparkle On and Wear Bows for the Versatile Blogger Award!

This award aims to recognize newly minted bloggers, and after receiving a nomination, one must nominate 15 fellow bloggers and share 7 random facts about yourself.

To keep up with the rules, here are my top 15 new favorite bloggers!

1.  Notably Miss Pretty

2. Fashion Down the Rabbit Hole

3.  Inside the Studio

4. 2ChicGurls

5. xoxoxo little j

6. noirskye

7. Cupcakes and Showtunes

8. The Korea Project

9. Pretty Little Liars Stylista

10. Catwalk Ready

11.  Oh Chic Fancy Huh?

12. ChocoLET Me Down

13. All the Fashion’s a Stage

14.  Pretty With Purpose

15. Self Professed Product Obsessed

Some Random Facts About Myself:

  • I used to be a competitive Irish Step Dancer. Yes that’s Irish Step Dancing, not Riverdancing! I used to love getting ready for feis’ (competitions), in which you would apply self tanner, lots of make up, sock glue and of course a curly wig and a crown!
  • I consume more sugar than any person really should- Would you like some coffee with your sugar?
  • I simply love bows…there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t have one in my hair or on my clothes!
  • I love to sing, whether it’s by myself playing piano, or singing with my best friends in my acappella college group.
  • When I was a senior in High School I tried out for American Idol…I didn’t make it to Hollywood but still had a great time!
  • I am currently studying Broadcast Journalism at Emerson College, I always love dressing up for my broadcast classes (my hot pink blazer is my favorite!)
  • I’ve had the same hair style, for practically forever…my bangs are an easy way to spot me!

 Again thanks so much to Notably Pretty Miss for nominating me, for more information on the VBA check out their website!

*Sparkle On And Wear Bows* 

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