Fashion Inspired by Titanic

When I was a first grader, I had a small, serious obsession with the sinking of the Titanic. This obsession was further fueled by the release of James Cameron’s film that year, and my love of Celine Dion singing My Heart Will Go On. Years later and my love of the film, remains just as strong, and I am beyond excited to see the film this week! In honor of the film’s re-release and the 100th year anniversary of the sinking, I chose to put together a few outfits emulating those worn in the film and during that time period. Read on for looks inspired from the film that captures the romance and structure of clothing in 1912.

Outfit One

Rose wears this posh ensemble when boarding the ship and this look is quintessential 1900’s fashion, from the stripes to the cut of the jacket, to the gloves and the hat.

Get the Look!

To recreate Rose’s look start with a black and white top and a standard black skirt. For shoes try a pop of color with a pretty shade of purple, and a purple coat to top it off. For accessories I added a locket, a pocket book and a hat which I’m not sure if I could wear it, but would channel Rose’s look perfectly!

Outfit Number Two

This second look is simply adorable! With a neutral color palette this look would be perfect for any day time event, from classes, to a nice lunch with your parents!

Get the Look!

For this look, I chose a long sleeved white lace top with a longer tan skirt, and a circle brown belt. Keeping with the tan color scheme try brown flats, a simple brown messenger bag and if you’re feeling daring try a statement fascinator attached to a headband as an alternative to a hat!

Outfit Number Three

Now this dress was one of my favorite looks from the film, as the color, cut and embellishments are simply stunning!

Get the Look!

Recreating this look on a reasonable budget, was harder than I thought it would be, but after some searching I stumbled upon this dress from Jane Norman for $77! The red slip contrasts perfectly with the black lace, and the conservative neckline is reminiscent of the 1900’s style.

Outfit Number Four

Get the Look!

Now this look wasn’t modeled after any particular look from the film, but I saw this dress and could not pass over it without creating an outfit set! The sea foam green color and the antique looking lace would look stunning with Rose’s hair and complexion. As for accessories, this lovely antique style necklace is complete with a fabric rose, which compliments the neutral clutch and T-bar pumps.

Outfit Number Five

This look is another iconic look from the film, as Rose swims in this gown made of a chiffon like material. The colors and choice of fabric make this look nothing short of ethereal.

Get the Look!

To emulate this look, try the pastel trend for spring, with a pale pink and ivory skater style dress. For accessories, try lavender flats and a purse!

Outfit Number Six

Lastly this look caught my eye, simply because of the combination of colors. The red, teal and green pop against the white lace dress, which would make this outfit perfect for a dinner date this spring or summer season.

Get the Look!

This last look is simple, with this adorable lace dress from H&M as the base, add a pair of tangerine pumps, and an antique style handbag. To contrast the tangerine, add a pair of teal earrings, and a hairpin.

Will you be seeing the film in theaters this week? Would you wear any of the outfits above? Which one did you like? Or dislike? Let me know in a comment below!


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