Trendy Tuesday: Crop Tops

Spring and summer fashion usually means sweet and short! These tops deliver, with a variety of looks, styles and combinations of outfits that are perfect for a warm spring and summer day! Read on for tips on how to style a short take on a fun top.

Outfit Number One

Get the Look!

This look is one of my favorites simply because the combination of stripes with teal and red is such a different combination! Start with a cute tied crop top, with a maxi teal skirt, and either sandals or wedges depending on what you like in footwear!

Outfit Number Two 

Get the Look!

This look is a bit more casual, and channels a bit of a boho vibe. Start with a fun sheer tribal top, and pair with some shredded shorts and a brown belt. For accessories I stuck with the boho theme, with a pair of fun leather sandals, white bag, feathered necklace and a teal ring.

Outfit Number Three

Get the Look

This look is still casual but a bit dressier than the last look. I love the combination of the lace crop top and the scalloped shorts with these adorable ballet lace up flats!

Outfit Number Four

Get the Look!

This last look features two ways to wear crop tops out! The look on the left is full of summer colors from the reds, teals, yellows and blues! For the top I chose a tight crop top to pair with a floral skirt, yellow wedges and a coral clutch. The look on the right is more of a club look, with a black crop top, sequined skirt and black mary jane pumps!

Do you own any crop tops? Will you be buying any for the summer? What did you think of these looks? Let me know in a comment below!

4 thoughts on “Trendy Tuesday: Crop Tops

  1. Wish you weren’t promoting belly shirts on here. Usually I love your style as it is generally classy, but the belly shirts coming back into style under the name “crop tops” is saddening – especially because I’m reading it on your blog. The woman’s body is a beautiful creation and it’s better to dress in a way that leaves a little to the imagination. It’s okay to be fashionable AND modest!

    • As someone who thinks they dress modestly, I can still understand why this is a cute style, there are ways to make these tops modest if that is what you’re looking for. And if not, isn’t that the person’s own opinion? Why are you judging a fashion blog that has a wide of range of classy styles daily?

  2. To the first anonymous comment,

    I’m so sorry that you feel this post lacks a certain class and modesty, but appreciate your time reading my blog and sharing your opinions. I too believe that a woman’s body is a beautiful creation, and that clothing should be worn in a way that one finds tasteful, and that makes them feel beautiful.

    Fashion is a coming together of a variety of tastes which vary from modest to daring, meaning that there is always something for everyone! When writing my posts and creating these outfits, I try to incorporate the current trends in fashion, and a bit of my personal style. I try to create outfits that I would feel comfortable wearing and I pride myself on my style which, I consider to be modest, and urge anyone who reads my blog to express your own style through your clothing.

    I can understand your feelings that the crop top is a reincarnation of the belly shirt. Yet if these looks show too much skin for your liking, simply add a tanktop underneath or as a few of these looks show tuck the top into a pair of high waisted shorts or a skirt.

    Again thank you for taking the time to read my blog and hope that you can enjoy some of my future posts!

    *Sparkle On and Wear Bows*

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