Saturday Steal or Splurge

Whew this week’s classic New England weather wreaked havoc on my happiness! Going from 80 degree days with sundresses back to rain and sweaters was a bit rough, yet this week’s Steal or Splurge, feature two pieces I’m craving for the summer!

The Steal

Get the Look!

This week’s steal are these adorable bow embellished sandals from Charlotte Russe, and they ring up at just $17 dollars! These sandals are super cute and come in a variety of colors, from coral, white, silver and mint!

Get the Look!

One of the great thing about these sandals, is that they can be dressed up or down depending on the look! For this outfit, I chose a fun floral dress from Forever 21, which could be worn casually or a bit dressier if you add a yellow blazer like this one from Topshop. For accessories I chose to keep it simple with just a brown and blue purse and white leather bracelets.

The Splurge

Get the Look!

This week’s splurge is an itsy bitsy teenie weenie, Betsey Johnson polka dot bikini! Now that’s quite a mouthful! But honestly this suit is so cute, that I am willing to save up for both adorable pieces! I love how the bottoms are more of a skirt style, and that the strap on the top  can be added or removed.

Get the Look!

For a fun beach look, pair the suit with adorable blue wedges, like these ones from Modcloth, and a retro styled pair of cat eye sunglasses!

What do you think of this week’s Steal or Splurge? Would you buy the sandals? Or the suit? Leave a comment!


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