Monday Musings: Barbara Bradley Baekgaard (Vera Bradley)

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“If you have an idea, run with it. Don’t think twice, just go with it like I did.”- Barbara Bradley Barkgaard

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A Bit of Background

  • Barbara co-founded Vera Bradley in 1982, after noticing a lack of feminine looking luggage while waiting for a flight in Atlanta. Barbara borrowed $250 from her husband to start the business, and had turned that money into $10,000 over the course of a year!
  • The company is named after Barbara’s mother, Veronica Bradley, who used to model for Elizabeth Arden during the 1930s.
  • As seen in the picture above, Barbara and co-founder Patricia, established the Vera Bradley foundation for Breast Cancer, which has donated more than $10 million dollars to the Indiana University Cancer Center.
  • According to Barbara, her greatest successes have been her family, in her children, grandchildren, and her marriage to her husband Peter.
  • While Vera Bradley is based in Indiana, Barbara enjoys spending time in New York City, or in Florida.
  • Although the Vera Bradley company is based in Indiana, Barbara enjoys spending most of her time in New York City or at her home in Seaside, Florida.

Outfit Number One


Get the Look!

This Vera bag just screams, take me out for a night on the town! To pair with this clutch, try a fun dress, like this one, and pair with Steve Madden sandal pumps, rose earrings and a fun rock necklace.

Outfit Number Two

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This look is based on the adorable Vera Bradley picnic basket, which would be a great addition to any trip to the beach! This adorable dress from Modcloth, would pair well with colored flats, either red or yellow.

Outfit Number Three

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This look is for colder weather, but can be un-layered for those warmer spring days! The colors of this bag screams fall to me, and would go perfectly with a pair of dark wash jeans, a white sweater, scarf and brown lace up riding boots.

Outfit Number Four

Get the Look!

This look features the same shoes as the first outfit, but pairs perfectly with another great patterned purse! This look is great for going out to a bar or a club, which these two bags are perfect for. When going out I always use my Vera Bradley clutch, because it can hold my cell phone, money and I.D. all on my wrist! For the rest of the outfit, try a black lace dress and simple accessories.

Do you own any Vera Bradley bags? Would you ever wear a wristlet out? What’s your favorite Vera pattern? Let me know in a comment below!


2 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Barbara Bradley Baekgaard (Vera Bradley)

  1. I am the inventor of a product I call rollngo. I would very much like to speak to you about my product. I believe you would find it of interest.
    Please email me and let me know if we can chat about it.
    Thank You,

  2. I love Vera Bradley patterns! Recently I have gotten to Va Va Bloom throw blanket and the bedding set. Also just last week I visited Seaside,FL! I saw your beach house! I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy Vera Bradley!

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