Trendy Tuesday: The Shoes to Buy for Spring 2012

When it comes to accessories, there is only one thing that I love more than bows….shoes! As a shoe enthusiast this Trendy Tuesday will focus on the four top trends for this upcoming spring! From wedges, to flats, from florals, to brights there is something for you!


Get the Look!

I was a bit skeptical of the wedge look when the trends went from ankle booties to sandals, but this summer and spring will be filled with these adorable wedges! As a clutz, I  love the addition of height with the stability of a wedge, and with all the fun colors there is a never ending variety of these shoes!


Get the Look!

Florals? and Spring? It’s a no brainer. Yet these fun flats and wedges feature a variety of floral accents. Whether you like the bright neon flats with florals or these adorable Ked like sneakers, these shoes are perfect for adding a pop of spring color to your closet!

Two Tone or Capped Shoes

Get the Look!

I have loved the two toned shoe trend for over a year now, but this past season has seen a great increase in the popularity of these fun flats! I adore the heart embossed flats from Asos, or the incredibly valued Old Navy blue tipped flats!

T-Bar Shoes

Get the Look!

The T-Bar shoes bring a bit of vintage to ordinary flats and wedges. I adore the reebok canvas shoes, which would be perfect for a day on the beach!

What shoes will you be wearing this Spring? Are you a fan of the wedge sandal look? Let me know!


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