Fashion Inspired by Once Upon a Time: Ruby or Little Red Riding Hood

This is the fourth of the Inspired by Once Upon a Time Fashion posts! This past week’s episode, featured Ruby, the diner girl who in her fairytale life was the classic Little Red Riding Hood. Her looks feature studs, leather, and of course pops of bright red! Read on for more about this tough yet adorably styled character!

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A Bit of Background

  • In the Fairy tale world, Little Red Riding Hood lives with her Granny, in a village that is being plagued by a terrible beast. Granny is paranoid of the beast, claiming it’s a big bad wolf, and insists that Red stay inside and always wear her red cloak.
  • Red later becomes friends with Snow White who is on the run from the Evil Queen, and the two resolve to kill the beast so Red can live a “normal” life. To avoid any spoilers, the ending to Red’s story is quite different from the one that I was told as a child, so it’s sure to surprise!
  • In the real world Red goes by the nickname Ruby, and is an unruly young woman who would love nothing more than to leave town. Yet due to her grandmother’s health problems she feels like she has to stay.
  • She works as a waitress at Granny’s Cafe in Storybrooke, cooking, cleaning, and always flirting with cute customers.
  • Ruby is close friends with Mary Margaret (Snow White), and Ashley (Cinderella).
  • She also owns a glass wolf, that she calls a good luck charm, hinting at her true identity.

Outfit One

This look is inspired by the outfit Ruby wore during her short time as Emma’s assistant. While solving crimes might have been too much for Ruby, she looked put together and cute, as she helped look for a missing person.

Get the Look!

 This look is quintessential Ruby, yet super functional for the average girl! To start try a dark red top and pair with pants that feature blocks of leather. For shoes, try a pair of black military boots and top the look off with a plaid coat and red beret. For accessories, try a fun satchel, a studded ring and tons of layered necklaces!

Outfit Two

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This look appears in an earlier episode of the season, and while Ruby played a small role, this outfit made her stand out!

Get the Look!

To emulate Ruby’s look start with a red pair of jeans, and top it off with a black lace top, and leather jacket. For shoes, try knee high black boots, which tie in with the other black accessories!

Outfit Three

Photo Credit

As I mentioned above, Ruby is a waitress at Granny’s, Storybrooke’s local diner. And as such her work attire is an extremely modern take on the 1950’s diner girl! While I’m not sure if I could pull of Ruby’s look exactly I tried to create a toned down look of this fun take on the fifties.

Get the Look! 

For this look, it’s all about the red! From the red shorts to the shoes and the accessories. To go with the red shorts, try an ivory cropped top, and if you’re feeling daring, pair it with a pair of white socks and red wedges. If you’re not a fan of the socks and sandals look, these adorable flats from Modcloth are a perfect substitute. When it comes to accessories keep it simple, with a red headband, red studded earrings and some fun bangles!

Outfit Four

Photo Credit

This look is featured in the “Skin Deep” Episode, where Mary Margaret, Ruby and Ashley go out for some fun on Valentine’s Day. Ruby is always up for having fun and going out, and this outfit reflects that perfectly!

Get the Look!

This outfit is super cute for a night out to a club or bar with friends! To recreate this look try a satin red dress like this one, which features cool cutouts in the back! For accessories, wear black polka dot tights, a pair of killer pumps, like these ones from Steve Madden and red hoop earrings!

Outfit Five

Photo Credit

Little Red Riding Hood’s look is classic fairytale, from the long skirt to the corset. Yet her rich colors and layering can be modernized and worn on those cool and misty spring days!

Get the Look!

To recreate this look, start with a dark gray skirt, with a brown belt, ivory button up top and a forest green sweater. For footwear, try a pair of lace up brown boots, and as for accessories keep it simple, with a messenger bag, red gloves and a wolf pendant necklace. And of course you can’t forget the red cape!

Beauty and Accessories

Ruby easily has the most daring makeup and hair in Storybrooke, so try to stand out with a pop of red lipstick, retro hair styles and red feather hair extensions!

Do you watch Once Upon a Time? What do you think of Ruby’s style? Will you be adding any pops of red to your wardrobe? Let me know with a comment!


11 thoughts on “Fashion Inspired by Once Upon a Time: Ruby or Little Red Riding Hood

  1. I really like your post on Ruby..Il ove how they (costume designers) adapted the character of red riding hood to modern life especially when it comes to her clothes.

    • Thanks so much for your comment! Ruby is one of my favorite characters in the show, simply because of the great costuming! Thanks for reading 🙂
      *Sparkle On and Wear Bows*

  2. Hi, for Red’s look in Fairytale Land, a good corset dupe to wear over a puffed sleeve blouse would be a solid coloured waistcoat/vest. This would cinch in the silhouette so that a maxi skirt would look more balanced and less OTT. You could soften the look entirely to something boho in summer.

    I totally love her leather gloves in FTL and the knit fingerless ones that she wears as Ruby. I wish I was tall enough to wear a cape! Have to confess though, MM style all the way! ❤

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  4. Hey I was wondering if there was a hair tutorial for look five ? I would like to do the hair of it and would really like to lean ? Thank you

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