Fashion Inspired by The Hunger Games

“May the odds be ever in your favor”.

It’s March which means the release of the first Hunger Games movie is almost upon us! After devouring the books and scouting out the Hunger Games O.P.I. collection, I wanted to cover the amazing clothes that are featured in the book, and soon to be seen in film! From life in the seam, to the eccentric Effie Trinket, this post will cover everything in between! Read on for sample outfits and tips on how to channel your inner Katniss!

This post might be my longest to date, simply because I love the Hunger Games books! The series takes place after the destruction of North America, where a new nation, Panem has risen from the ashes. Panem consists of an opulent Capitol, and twelve poor districts. During a period referred to as the “Dark Ages”, the districts rebelled and eventually lost against the capital in which the 13 district was destroyed. As punishment for the rebellion, one boy and girl between the ages of 12 and 18 are selected in an annual lottery to participate in the Hunger Games. Each tribute must fight to the death in an outdoor arena, until only one remains. The main character is 16 year old Katniss Everdeen, from District 12, who volunteers for the  74th Hunger Games in place of her younger sister Primrose.

Life in the Seam

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Katniss, along with her sister Prim, and her mother, reside in the poorer area of District 12, (which was once the Appalachia region), known as the Seam. Her father was killed in an explosion in the coal mines, when she was only eleven. After his death her mother fell into a deep sadness, causing Katniss to step up, and take to the woods to hunt for their livelihood.

Get the Look!

When hunting in the woods, Katniss and her best friend/hunting partner Gale, like to keep a low profile, so stick to neutrals! Start with a pair of tan pants, top with a moss green shirt and a rugged leather jacket. For shoes try a rugged pair of lace up boots, a woven leather bag and don’t forget your bow (the archery type, not the wear-in-your-hair kind)!

Reaping Day Outfit

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“To my surprise, my mother has laid out one of her only lovely dresses for me. A soft blue thing with matching shoes.”- Katniss

Each year the citizens of the 12 districts of Panem, gather in the town squares for the reaping of the Hunger Games. This year in particular, Katniss’ mother allows her to wear one of her older dresses, a lovely light blue frock.

Get the Look!

While the reaping is an unpleasant experience, Katniss’s look is perfect for spring! This dress (only $75 dollars!), is similar to the one worn in the film. To match the chambray dress, try a pair of light blue flats, like these ones with flowers. To top off the look try a mockingjay pink (which Madge gives Katniss after she volunteers as tribute), leather bracelets, and a white purse.

Interview Dress

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“The creature standing before me in the full-length mirror has come from another world. Where skin shimmers and eyes flash and apparently they make their clothes from jewels. Because my dress, oh, my dress is entirely covered in reflective precious gems… The slightest movement gives the impression I am engulfed in tongues of fire. I am not pretty. I am not beautiful. I am as radiant as the sun.”- Katniss

This look might be my favorite from the novel, as it’s description brought a great imagery of a dress that shimmered and glimmered!

Get the Look!

 To capture the look of the ‘girl on fire’, try this one shoulder dress from Warehouse, and pair it with a fun glittery gold pair of heels. For a more expensive, or a possible prom look, try this stunning gown by Jenny Packham!

Closing Ceramonies

“Venia helps me into a pair of flat leather sandals and I turn to the mirror. I am still the ‘girl on fire.’ The sheer fabric softly glows. Even the slightest movement in the air sends a ripple up my body. By comparison, the chariot costume seems garish, the interview dress too contrived. In this dress, I give the illusion of wearing candlelight.”- Katniss

Get the Look!

 This outfit symbolizes the low yellow flame of a candle, which this dress from Modcloth captures perfectly with it’s yellow hue. Finish this look with a pair of simple gold sandals, and yellow accessories.

Closing Televised Interview

“When Cinna comes in…he dresses me in a white, gauzy dress and pink shoes. He personally adjusts my makeup until I seem to radiate a soft, rosy glow.”- Katniss

Get the Look!

This look is by far the most feminine and girly, that Katniss wears in this book. In an attempt to look innocent and completely love struck, she wears a simple flowy dress with pink accessories. To recreate the look, start with an adorable ivory dress like the lace one featured above, add a pair of pink flats, and top it off with a pink headband.

Effie Trinkett

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While most of these outfits are focused on Katniss, Effie Trinket’s fashion is just too much to pass up! A government official from the Capitol, Effie is a slave to the latest and greatest fashion trend! This look, seen during the reaping day, is comprised of a monochromatic purple, perfect for spring!

Get the Look!

This dress from Modcloth, captures the color and elegance of Effie. For accessories go bold, go gold! While I try to keep the accessories within a college girl’s budget, these gold ankle booties by Alexander McQueen, were perfect for Effie! To add to the booties try a flower or bow accessory for your hair, fun earrings and a monochromatic bracelet to complete the look.

Are you a fan of the Hunger Games series? Will you be seeing the film? What do you think of the outfits? Let me know in a comment!


3 thoughts on “Fashion Inspired by The Hunger Games

  1. The gold booties are so Effie. And so expensive. But I love the looks. I just wish Katniss’s girl on fire dress could look more like the one in the book with the reflective gems flickering.

    • When I saw the boots the first thing I thought of was Effie and her crazy fashion! I had a hard time putting together Katniss’s girl on fire dress simply because I had such a lovely image in my head, I’m not sure it exists in real life. Thanks for your feedback and I’m glad you like the looks!

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