Monday Musings: Franco Moschino

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Franco Moschino’s name is synonymous with out of this world and irreverent designs. His looks are fun, extravagant combining both the classic, contemporary while breaking up the norm. Read on to learn more about this wonderful Italian designer, and how you can bring his love and laughter to your fashion choices!

A Bit About Moschino

  • Franco Moschino was born in 1950, in the town of Abbiategrasso, near Milan.
  • From a young age, Franco developed a love of art and drawing. He pursued his love of art at the Accademia di Bella Arte in Milan to study art and painting in 1967. To finance his education, he began to sketch fashion designs for magazines and houses.
  • Eventually his designs caught the eye of designer Gianni Versace, and began working as a sketcher for him in 1971.
  • His sketches were for a ready to wear collection, and continued drawing for Verace until 1977, when Franco left to open his own company Moonshadow.
  • This new company was under his label Moschino, and his first two shows were wildly successful, by the press and fans.
  • Moschino Couture was launched, following his masculine line, and later a fragrance called “Cheap and Chic”.
  • Sadly Franco Moschino died at the young age of 44, when Rosella Jardini, chief designer, and Marco Gobbetti, the chief executive continued working for Moschino’s Fashion house.

Outfit One

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This Spring has seen a fair bit of tribal prints from Africa, but Rossella Jardini has brought the attention to Spanish flair. Franco Moschino designed a matador outfit that he aptly called “Bull Chic”, and this look is an updated version of that!

Get the Look!

To recreate the Spanish look, try a pussy bow blouse, lace cardigan and a pair of cropped pants! To break up the white and black color scheme, try a pair of gold sandals, earrings and bangles!

Outfit Two

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This look is inspired by Moschino’s “Cheap and Chic” fragrance, which is a feminine scent with floral notes of bergamont, white orchid, sandalwood and vanilla.

Get the Look!

This outfit has me dreaming of warmer days! I love this striped dress, which features the red, white and black of the Moschino bottle! Top the dress off with a pair of fun wedges, sunglasses and a floppy hat!

So what do you think of Moschino? Is it one of your favorite fashion houses, or did you not know much about it? Would you be wearing any of these Moschino inspired looks? Let me know with a comment!

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