Saturday: Steal or Splurge?

Another busy week has come and gone, which means that it’s time for a Saturday Steal? or Splurge?

The Steal

This week’s steal is an amazing Forever 21 dress that rings up at just $10

Aside from the price, I love how versatile this dress can be!

Outfit One: Class/ Artsy

Get the Look!

To make this dress a bit more casual add a jean jacket and some earthy brown colored accessories. From the purse, to the belt, to the shoes, this look has an artsy, I’m-on-my-way-to-class feel!

Outfit Two: Preppy

Get the Look! 

To make the dress a bit preppier, it’s always best to start with pearls! From the earrings to the necklace, pearl accessories will make this dress appear to cost more than it does! Further, add a pair of gray oxfords, white tights, and a gray cardigan and you’ll be ready to go!

Outfit Three: Night Out

Get the Look!

 This dress is also perfect for a night out! Just add a pair of pumps, black for a classic look, or hot pink if you’re feeling daring! Keep the accessories simple, and the dress will have you stand out!

 The Splurge

Now, I know what you’re thinking, this dress screams ballerina on steroids. Yet that’s precisely why I love it! This dress is a bit out there, but I think it would be such a fun and different going out look!

Get the Look!

To complete this look, try a fun pair of tights to pair with black wedges or if you’re feeling really wild, try a pair of these fun leopard pumps!

What do you think of this week’s steal? or splurge? Would you buy either of these items? Let me know in the comments!

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