Once Upon a Time: Regina/ Evil Queen

My last Once Upon a Time post, featured the lovely Mary Margaret Blanchard. This week I chose to focus on the dark villian of the show, Mayor Regina Mills, also known as the Evil Queen. Read on to learn more about her doom and gloom, yet professional style!

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As the mayor of Storybrooke, Maine, Regina is always dressed to impress. She tends to stick to dark colors, and professional separates, which could be used as inspiration for your job or interview outfits!

Outfit Number One

This look is very typical to Regina, a simple pencil skirt, with a top and pumps.

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This outfit features a black pencil skirt, black pumps, an adorable gray top, all tied up with a dark gray trench coat!

Outfit Number Two

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This is another super easy, but put together look. To start try a gray dress like this one, then add a black blazer, pumps, and black accessories for a clean look!

Regina as the Evil Queen

While Regina may be the Mayor of a small town in Maine, she is also the Evil Queen of her adoptive son Henry’s fairytale book. It is because of her curse that all of the fairytale characters are trapped in the small town with no recollection of their past lives. While the show hasn’t shown a lot of ‘Evil Queen’ clips, her style features a lot of dark colors, lace, feathers and other fun embellishments.

Outfit Number Three

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This first look features a dark purple, lace embellished dress. Which when paired with purple pumps (complete with skulls of course), an antique style purse, and a velour choker, gives you a purely evil look.

Outfit Number Four

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This look is inspired by the Evil Queen’s feathery look, but in a bit of a modern way. The dress features feathers at the bottom of the dress with black pumps, clutch and a black necklace.

So what do you think? Is the Evil Queen closer to your style than Snow White? Would you wear any of the outfits above? Let me know!


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