Today I Wore: Concert Edition

I love concerts. There’s something about the combination of lights, music and experiencing it all with such a huge crowd of people. Last night I was lucky enough to see one of my favorite bands Jack’s Mannequin, with some great friends!

The four of us have been going to concerts (especially ones featuring Jack’s Mannequin), since we were in high school! ( Gotta love pictures of your 17 year old self). But last night another one of our friends got to experience Jack’s for the first time and she loved it!

For my outfit last night I decided to go with a new H&M dress that I bought. It’s bright red with white polka dots, that I wore with black tights and red chucks!

It’s been a longstanding concert tradition to wear chucks to concerts, and last night was no exception!

It was such a great night, of amazing music and catching up with friends! No matter how much time has passed, we can always have a great time!

“My life has become a boring pop song, and everyone is singing along.”- Jack’s Mannequin


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