What to Wear There: Super Bowl Sunday Party

I’ll admit I’m not the biggest football fan out there, (I’m still trying to figure out the rules and such), but I do know that Superbowl parties are a great time to show off your fashion and the love of your favorite team! As a New England girl, I have to say I’m rooting for my Patriots, but I guess I can include something for those Giants fans out there. Read on to see looks inspired by these two teams!

Giants Inspired

Get the Look!

While I may not be a Giants fan I love the two Giants t-shirts! For those of you who like more vintage inspired shirts try the longer faded t, and for those of you who like the slouchy ‘I just cut this up doesn’t it look cute?’ look try the alloy top! For accessories stick with the team’s colors, with navy jeans, white high tops chucks, and navy or red Essie nail polish. For accessories I love the Giants watch, necklace and the very vintage looking hat!

Patriots Inspired

Get the Look!

For the Patriots look I chose two different shirts, one a classic style with a faded logo, and an adorable full sequin top! To match try a pair of red pants and  white chucks. For accessories try some Patriots bangles, necklace and a fun knitted hat!

Showing Your Spirit 

As you’ll notice both teams share the same color palette, so if you’re not the biggest fan of logos (or don’t really want to pick a side) here is an outfit for you!

Get the Look!

This look features a casual red dress, that when paired with this Abercrombie letterman sweater, is cute and casual! For shoes try these two toned flats, with a bow as well.

Do you have any fun plans for the Super Bowl? Which team are you rooting for? Which outfit will you be wearing? Let me know!


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