Saturday: Steal? or Splurge?

This week’s steal or splurge features a steal for the spring season, and a splurge that you can wear now!

The Steal

Get the Look!

As a girl who loves shoes, these red tennis sneakers from Forever 21, had me dreaming that I was playing tennis on a sunny spring day….except I can’t play tennis and it’s below 30 degrees in Boston. But a girl can dream right? These shoes ring up at $6.50, and are a perfect example of buy now, wear later. To wear these shoes, try a classic look of denim shorts, a white tank and a scarf. For a more nautical look, try a red striped shirt, and a navy skirt.

The Splurge

Get the Look!

This week’s splurge, are a pair of oxford ankle booties from Modcloth. These booties are adorable! From the two tone color to the bow on the top of the foot, these shoes would go great with a gray dress and black accessories.

What do you think of these picks? Would you wear the tennis shoes? Or splurge for the oxford booties? Let me know!


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