What to Wear There: Internship Interviews

Ah it’s that time of year again! Time to fill out your applications, spruce up the old resume and pen a few cover letters to secure either a job or an internship for this upcoming summer. At the suggestion of a reader’s comment I have decided to put together a post on some easy ensembles that look professional and put together, but leave some money in your wallet.

Interviews tend to be a bit of a stressful undertaking, so the last thing that you need to worry about is your outfit. Interview ensembles generally follow a few formulas, with a few key pieces that once you buy, you’ll have for life. Well maybe not life, but your foundation can be restyled over and over again if you choose the right pieces!

A Neutral Blouse

Get the look!

Blouses are key to any outfit, whether you pair it with a skirt or trousers. Look for shirts that are classic, modest but have a bit of your own personal style. I love the idea of wearing a bow blouse or even a peter pan color for an interview! As for colors, while you might be tempted to go in head to toe black, black can be seen as a bit distant or superior. To add a slight pop of color go for gray or blue. Blue is seen as a trustworthy and dependable color, while gray conveys wisdom and knowledge. For those of you who are going into a fashion based or “less traditional” internship may be able to wear a pattern such as the navy polka dotted blouse!


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Blazers have been a long time staple in the working woman’s closet, yet today’s designs offer a variety of shapes and cuts that can flatter your individual figure. As much as I love Forever 21 and H&M, where most of the blazers in the picture are seen, I would recommend spending on a well made, and well tailored blazer. The piece will never go out of style, and will certainly last for interviews to come. When looking for color stick to basics such as tan, brown, gray, white and of course black.


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I love, scratch that, adore pencil skirts. They are just super classy yet come in a variety of colors and styles so anyone can find their perfect look! When looking for a great skirt, note the length of the skirt. You don’t want to have a miniskirt in this situation, so look for a skirt that reaches your knees, preferably below. For those of you who prefer pants, look for good tailoring, and good materials.


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While you may have a killer pair of Steve Madden glitter pumps in your closet, an interview is not the time to break out those beauties. Play it safe with your footwear, go comfortable with a pair of flats, a kitten heel or classic with a pump.


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As for your accessories, choose pieces that are classic but reflect a bit of your own personal style. Personally, I love pearls, yet simple studs or classic dangling earrings would also go great! For a bag go for a larger size to hold all of your papers, but try for a toasted brown or black and white color palette.

Sample Outfit 

Get the Look!

Now here is a completed outfit using the formula of blouse, blazer, skirt and shoes!

Remember, dress for your industry, and use your clothes to show how professional and experienced you are! What do you think about the outfits and pieces I picked? Do you have a favorite internship outfit? Let me know! Comment Below!


2 thoughts on “What to Wear There: Internship Interviews

  1. Thank you so much for the advice. These are great and affordable ideas!I never know what looks good together for these types of situations. I really appreciate all these amazing ideas for looking good for an interview. I’m going to start saving now and be ready when I’m going out on my extership!

    Thanks again and keep up the great work!!!

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